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Following the creation of Antibes Free Walking Tours, our company needed to evolve as new tours were on high demand, this is why I launched This new website. Many of our visitors were always asking “What should we do while on holiday in Antibes?!”

Therefore, it was making total sense to create this platform where you’ll find all the tours that we provide in Antibes. In addition, a blog is coming soon covering what “else” to do in Antibes.

Joining one of our tours is the best way to discover all of what Antibes has to offer. However, we will also provide further tips to make the most of your stay in our fantastic seaside village!

Meanwhile, if you have time and do feel like adventuring outside of Antibes, we highly recommend you to have a look on our new reference-to-be website www.whattodoriviera.com which covers the all french riviera!

What To Do Antibes

Visiting Antibes has never been so accessible. Not only do we provide a range of guided tours through town but we also make sure that you feel like a local after. On the other hand, we recommend places, hotels, restaurants, rentals, events and other activities…

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Why Antibes?



Firstly, here’s a quick intro on the quaint, historical seaside village of Antibes. Located half way between the big Nice and the bling bling Cannes, Antibes is the third city in the area after Nice and Cannes. Antibes has a unique charm that has a lot to offer and is often the favourite area to visit.


Antibes has a rich history going back as far as 5 centuries B.C. For instance, many artists absolutely fall in love with its beauty and choose to reside here or used it as their holiday destination. Antibes has a very artistic vibe with many workshops, street art and expos as well as the incredible Picasso Museum where he stayed and get inspired.
Walking through narrow streets will help you travel back in time and enjoy the relaxing, beautiful atmosphere. Unlike no other.

And if you are also curious about the rich and famous, Antibes holds many stories and secrets to hear. From our port Vauban and its billionaire wharf to the Cap d’Antibes being one of the most expensive real estate in the area, many stars come for their summer holiday or own properties here. Especially with our port being the biggest leasure port in Europe, you will find floating palaces stopping by and it’s always unbelievable to see.

In conclusion, From traditions and art to fancy and exclusive, Antibes has much to offer for all walks of life. I guarantee that you’ll have a ball with our friendly guides and a bit of french flair!



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Cedric's Story
Cedric is the funder of AntibesFreeWalkingTours, WhatToDoAntibes & WhatToDoRiviera. He is a passionate innovative person who left the IT industry after almost 15years and decided to become an entrepreneur tour guide to reconnect with humans!
Besides being an inconditional traveler himself, he had a lot of experience and understand what travellers need to make the most out of their holiday. Moreover, he is passionate about showcasing Antibes (his favorite) and surrounding cities in a way that help people have a fun, easy and unforgettable experience.
To resume, Cedric is well known and loved in the area due to his fun, loving and approachable personality!
Johanna's Story

Hi! I’m Johanna from Cannes! I’ve been working in event planning and tourism for the last 7 years. I love traveling and discovering new places, sharing my tips and good places only known by locals to help give you a typical French experience. My inspirational mojo is to create unique and unforgettable memories! Life is always better with a smile on our faces, right?! I’m happy to reconnect people after these couple of hard years! My approach as a guide is less based on history but more on fun facts and FOOD tips, of course! Living where people go on holidays is a blessing everyday.
Looking forward to meeting you and helping you discover our little piece of heaven! 

Viktoriia's Story

Hi! My name is Viktoriia and i’m the last member to join the team in 2022. I’m an Ukrainian student in Antibes and I’m extremely grateful to have the chance to be part of WhatToDoRiviera! I’ll give my all to provide the best guiding service while I deep myself in the French Riviera’s life. I’ll be on your side to help you discover and fall in love with the place just as I did! Come with me uncover what’s inside the heart of the French Riviera. Let’s do it together! Thanks again Cedric for the opportunity and your help for me reaching my goals means a lot to me! Happy season everyone!

Seyma's Story

Hi! My name is Seyma, I’m 24 years old from Sweden and super excited to join WhatToDoRiviera for this season!
I’m easy going, very sociable and smily which is key in tourism, right?! As I recently moved to the French Riviera “my favorite part of Europe” because of its 300 days of sunshine, Mediterranean climate and culture as well as its many outdoor activities, I can’t wait to share with you the rich history and the beautiful surroundings Antibes, Cannes and other towns around have to offer!
The French Riviera is my happy place and on my side, I’m sure it will become yours. Which better place to live in than here?! ????

What “Else” To Do in Antibes?!


Top Restaurants Recommendations

My top restaurants recommendations in AntibesMy visitors keep on asking me after the tours where they should go for lunch, dinner... That's why I decided to share with you all my favorite places around Antibes! Of course, this is a non-exhaustive list as I haven't...

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Top beaches in Antibes

Antibes has so many beautiful beaches, mostly sandy, both public and private! Many of you have been asking us for the best beaches in Antibes. Here is a list for you to choose from and discover the top beaches...Plage de la GravetteThis beach is in the middle of the...

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Top 4 Wine Bars in Antibes

My top 4 Wine Bars in AntibesThis is not just a restaurant, but this place is more described as a Wine restaurant.Frank the owner is a passionate sommelier who can talk about his favourite Provencal wines. He just love them!The cuisine is as organic as possible as so...

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Top 3 Gastro restaurants in Antibes

My top 3 Gastro restaurants in Antibes One of the very few 1 Michelin star restaurant around Antibes but the only one in the old town. A very unique experience in another family affair! The father and its 2 sons are very talented. They will surprise you with some...

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